The Power of Words / by Aimee Enlow


What are the first words you hear when you wake up in the morning? It might be your husband who rolls over and whispers an “I love you” in your ear. It might be your 5-year-old who climbs in bed with you to ask about breakfast. Maybe it’s a teenager asking where his gym shoes are. It might even be that the alarm calls you out of bed, and you stop at the bathroom mirror and tell yourself how exhausted you look.

Sometimes I think the first words we hear in the morning set the tone for the whole day. An “I love you” that starts your day, tells you something important. It tells you that YOU are important to someone else.

But you really can’t control what others say to start your day. What you can control is your own voice. Your own words. You own perspective of who you are.

Women can be brutal. Most especially to ourselves. We look at the same face, hair, and body in the mirror. Every. Single. Day. We see every flaw. Everything we don’t like about our looks. And rare is the woman who has grown to the point of truly accepting herself. Flaws and all.

But I digress. Let’s step back to the mirror for a minute. What if you stopped and looked into your eyes. What if you could see your tender heart and your genuine concern and care for others? What if your words to yourself filled you with confidence instead of a doubt? What if you were intentional about finding your best features instead of focusing on your flaws? What if?

I wonder what your day would be like if your first words to yourself were an expression of the beautiful, unique, gifted, loving, caring masterpiece you are created to be. And maybe those positive words of affirmation will bring you one step closer to reaching your full potential. Potential is more easily attainable when you start from a positive place of confidence.

Think about the words you dream of hearing first thing in the morning, and let those be the words you speak to that beautiful woman in the mirror. See the beauty. See the potential. Tell yourself you can. Tell yourself you are…